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Watermelon Slushie

No cooking required! Tip: For an icy dessert, after blending, pour the Watermelon Slushie into cups or molds and freeze. Change it Up: Make this recipe using honeydew melon or cantaloupe. Add 1/2 fresh banana.Nutrition Nutrition tip: Melon is very sweet and low in calories. It’s a perfect summertime dessert. Ingredients ice cubes – 7 […]

Mini Pizzas

Ingredients (For one serving) 1 half of bagel, English muffin, or a rice cake 1 TBSP pizza/pasta sauce Small handful of shredded mozzarella Diced bell pepper Diced tomato Diced onion or green onion Chopped spinach Any other pizza toppings you would like! Instructions If using a bagel or English muffin, toast in the toaster first. […]