With a FoodCorps member in the gardenWant to dig in even deeper? We’ve gathered several resources to spark ideas about farm to school and provide more inspiration for your work – check out the list below and get growing!

  • The Chef Ann Foundation: This non-profit organization works to provide tools to help schools serve healthy and local meals. Chef Ann Cooper is an internationally recognized author, chef, educator, public speaker, and advocate for healthy food for all children. Cooper spoke in a 2007 Ted Talk that can be viewed here.
  • FoodCorps: FoodCorps is a nationwide team of AmeriCorps leaders who connect kids to real food and help them grow up healthy. Our local FoodCorps service members are hosted by Groundwork Center for Resilient communities and Grand Traverse County Michigan State University Extension.

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  • Edible Schoolyard Project: The goal of Edible Schoolyard is to build and share a national edible education curriculum for pre-kindergarten through high school. They envision gardens and kitchens as interactive classrooms for all academic subjects and advocate for a free, nutritious, and organic lunch for every student. They believe integrating this curriculum into schools can transform the health and values of every child in America.
  • Vermont FEED: This organization works to raise awareness about healthy food, good nutrition, and the role of local farms and farmers in helping sustain a healthy community. They do this by helping to grow robust farm to school programs, acting as a catalyst for rebuilding healthy food systems, and cultivating links between classrooms, cafeterias, communities, and local farms.
  • Life Lab:  Based in California, Life Lab aims to cultivate children’s love of learning, healthy food, and nature through garden-based education. Their award-winning publications and curriculum resources are go-to resources for educators and families interested in engaging young people in gardens and experiential farm to school learning opportunities.
  • USDA Community Food Systems: Here you will find great resources on current legislation surrounding food procurement, resources for planning farm to school programs, and several informative videos, webinars, presentations, and fact sheets related to education and food systems.

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