Bean Buddies: Gardening; Science; 45 minutes

In this lesson, students make “seed homes” in zip lock bags. Kids can draw pictures and make predictions about their seed’s growth. Remember to soak the beans overnight to kick-start the germination process for the lesson.

Source (Food Corps)

Rainbow Smoothies:  Cooking; Nutrition; English Language Arts; 45 minutes

In this lesson, students play a memory game to become familiar with the colorful ingredients in a smoothie & create a healthy snack.

Source (Food Corps)

Soil Paint: Gardening; Art; 60 minutes

People have been using soil to make art for thousands of years — for pottery, paintings, to dye cloth, etc.  In this lesson, students will make paint out of soil, water, and glue.

Source (KidsGardening)

Veggie Wraps: Cooking; English Language Arts; 45 minutes

In this lesson, students listen to a read-aloud about the wonderful variety of vegetables and create veggie wraps with hummus.

Source (Food Corps )

Healthy Kids Quarantine:  Health & Nutrition; 60 minutes a day

Daily and weekly activities, programs, tips, and age-appropriate lessons to get children physically active and eating healthy while at home.

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