How To Read A Recipe: Cooking; English Language Arts; 30 minutes

In this lesson, students will watch a short Edible Schoolyard Project: How to Read a Recipe Video about reading recipes, read an Edible Schoolyard recipe for Sauteed Greens, rewatch the video while completing a worksheet, and summarize a recipe in their own words. Students will learn new techniques for reading recipes that will increase their comprehension and support them in cooking independently.

Source (Edible Schoolyard)

Root Fruit Salad: Cooking; English Language Arts; 50 minutes

Did you know that you can make a salad with two plant parts? Students will be able to explain the function of plant roots and assemble a slaw with storage root crops. This recipe uses a box grater instead of sharp knives, allowing for kids grade 3 and up to make the recipe on their own.

Source (Food Corps)

Whole Grain Crackers: Cooking; English Language Arts; 45 minutes

Celebrate whole grains using just 5 ingredients! These whole-grain crackers are an easy recipe that can be made in any shape or with any flavors you want! 

Source (Food Corps)

Healthy Kids Quarantine: Health & Nutrition; 60 minutes a day

Daily and weekly activities, programs, tips, and age-appropriate lessons to get children physically active and eating healthy while at home.

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