The TBAISD Farm to School team strives to bring teachers material that is engaging, comprehensive, and easy to incorporate into their curriculum to encourage lifelong healthy habits! 

Food is something every child relates to. Our team wants to help teachers easily find and incorporate Farm to School curriculum into the classroom.  This can involve learning activities, cooking demonstrations, garden plots, farm field trips, or hands-on learning experiences.

Using Farm to School in the classroom can be done in a variety of ways, it all depends on classrooms needs. Our resources fit in with the curriculum work teachers are already using. The learning activities found on our webpage have been evaluated by TBAISD instructional specialists, in accordance with state standards for elementary education.

Teachers are seeing students become incredibly engaged in this hands-on approach to teaching across all subjects using food, cooking, and gardening as a lens. This website hosts learning activities, creative classroom activities, and the resources that support teachers to seek out and conduct farm to school within their own classrooms.