• ½ cup of vanilla or plain yogurt (if using plain yogurt, you can add honey, maple syrup, or jam to add your preferred level of sweetness!)
  • Handful of frozen fruit
  • ¼ cup granola or whole grain cereal 


  1. Thaw the frozen fruit by running warm water over it in a mesh strainer (or put fruit in the refrigerator prior)
  2. Layer fruit and yogurt in a small bowl
  3. Top with granola or cereal


  • Yogurt parfaits are great for breakfast, lunch, or a snack! 
  • For an easy on-the-go lunch or snack, use frozen fruit without thawing it and place in a closeable jar or container. The frozen fruit will help keep the yogurt cold and will be thawed for eating in a couple of hours!
  • Try making homemade granola with your favorite ingredients!